Step 4. COMMIT – to building your family’s wealth foundation


Your Optimal Portfolio Solution™


The next step is to commit to hiring the investment management team of Assante Private Client, a division of CI Private Counsel LP. to build Your Optimal Portfolio Solution™ as outlined in Your Family Wealth Foundation Blueprint™.

Your Optimal Portfolio Solution™ is designed to maximize your investment growth while staying within your comfort zone in up markets as well as protect your capital in down markets.

This is achieved by combining different investment styles, asset classes and exposure to various geographic regions and automatic rebalancing.

Tax efficiency is achieved by the use of tax-advantaged investment structures and appropriate tax planning strategies to minimize overall family tax liability on your investments.

The result is Your Optimal Portfolio Solution™, which serves as the foundation of Your Family Wealth Optimization Program™.

Result: Decision   |   Investment: Agreement to Proceed

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Adrian Spitters

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