Our Process

Becoming A Client

We will give you all the information you need to enable you to make the important decision. This will include an overview of Assante Wealth Management, qualifications of our financial advisors, an explanation of our services and how we work with our clients.

We listen to your goals, evaluate your current financial situation, then formulate a plan to help you meet those goals. In the end, you will have a plan that addresses your needs by providing the most effective solutions for you and your family.

Our Steps
First Meeting

We will review your current financial situation and determine your investment objectives and risk profile through interview and a questionnaire.  We use this opportunity to examine your life goals, and the strengths and weaknesses of your current strategy.


Once you have confirmed your decision to become our client, we will establish an investment policy based on your objectives and risk profile. Usually, we will produce a formal Investment Policy Statement ("IPS") and proceed with the design and implementation of your investment program.   When you are ready, we will create a full or partial financial plan for you. We then assist you with implementation of the financial plan and investment program.

Monitor and Review

We monitor your progress in meeting your goals.  We will report to you on your investment portfolio quarterly. We will maintain regular contact using different mediums (meetings, telephone, e-mail and Canada Post).

Enhancing our own Expertise

We continuously update our own expertise in the financial planning, insurance and investment fields through continuing education courses and seminar attendance. We combine this with ongoing monitoring and research of the investment managers used in our clients’ portfolios, webinars, conference calls, review of reports, attendance at portfolio manager presentations.