Our Services

We take a friendly approach which makes clients feel comfortable addressing their financial decisions.  For each client, we design a customized program that will meet their goals. Clients know that we really care about them.

We have a process in place that ensures consistent delivery of service. Our process takes into account risk management, tax optimization and protection. 

This personalized approach is strengthened by our three core values:

1. We like to see that our work is making a positive difference in our clients’ lives.
2. We are dependable and deliver what we promise and meet the expectations of our clients by being organized and efficient.
3. We believe that it is paramount to be honest and fair when presenting and offering solutions.  Our aim is to develop and maintain a feeling of trust in our relationship.

All clients receive a basic level of service which includes:

  • Letter of engagement following your first meeting
  • Asset allocation of your investments
  • Quarterly newsletter to keep you informed of the investment environment and financial planning opportunities
  • Statement of your account on a quarterly basis
  • Quarterly meetings in the first year and periodically thereafter
  • Periodic contact by telephone and email

 As your account grows and your needs and goals change, we add elements of service to your investment plan.  These include, but are not limited to:

  • Investment policy statement
  • Financial analysis and financial plan
  • Availbility for advice on various financial planning topics, such as financing for home purchase, buying or renting a car, educational funding
  • Extra meetings as appropriate for your situation