Succession Plan

Lionel has been in the investment business for over 40 years. He has decided to scale back a little, so that he can travel with his wife to places that they have on their bucket list. In order to accomplish this goal Lionel sought out another Assante financial advisor to become his business partner and to gradually take over client responsibilities. He was seeking one who is well-qualified, professional and amiable so that the ongoing service and performance to clients will be smooth and rewarding for them. Lionel chose Nino Pannozzo, an advisor with Assante Capital Management Ltd, whom he has known for many years. Nino’s biography is set out below.

Lionel plans to continue his association with Assante, working side-by-side with Nino as a financial advisor and branch manager for a number of years. He expects that Nino will be around for a long time to serve these clients.

Lionel plans to retain a number of client relationships where he believes that he can continue to add value to their financial lives. Also, he is still open for new business, since he enjoys meeting new people and helping them to define their objectives and set a financial plan and related investment portfolio to enable them to achieve their goals.

Introducing Nino Pannozzo, CPA, CA, CFP, RFP, CDFA

Senior Financial Planning Advisor and Branch Manager


Experience, knowledge and integrity.


As a Financial Advisor with Assante Capital Management Ltd. in Toronto, Ontario, Nino specializes in wealth management, investment, tax, financial and estate planning advice.

As a Chartered Accountant with over 10 years of industry experience, Nino and his team provide clients with a personalized approach towards the complexities of investment and wealth management. This allows his clients to enjoy their free time and pursue other important goals. Nino's team is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and exceeding client expectations.

Nino holds his Certified Financial Planner designation and is also a Registered Financial Planner. He is a member of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Professional Accountants.  He served as an Executive Member of the Toronto Chapter of Advocis from 2001 to 2004. During his time at Advocis, Nino was elected by his peers to hold the position of Vice President of Finance.

Prior to joining Assante, Nino was a practising Chartered Accountant. Nino continues to practise the mission statement of Canada's Chartered Professional Accountants :

 "Our mission is to enhance decision-making and improve organizational performance through financial management, assurance and other specialized expertise. We act with integrity, objectivity and a commitment to excellence and the public interest."

Nino is committed to advising his clients according to these high standards.

Nino has appeared on Investment Television providing insight on various financial planning issues.

He lives in Toronto with his wife, Angela, and two children, Marco and Tyler. Nino enjoys golfing, running, reading and supporting various charitable organizations.