Don Craig MBA, FLMI


Don's career has included senior positions in private and public corporations, university faculty and a leading insurance company. Over the past 36 years, Don has earned a reputation for being a strong client advocate. He has first hand knowledge of the financial needs of business owner/operators and Atlantic Canadian families. His experience and skills have positioned him well for his current role. 

Today’s financial landscape is more complex and volatile than ever. That makes it critical to find the financial advisor that is best suited to help you meet your goals.

Our position is pretty simple. Nobody knows it all. Advisors can specialize in tax planning, risk management and insurance, estate planning, employee benefits, retirement savings, succession planning or investments. In order to stay up to date in all of these areas, an advisor would have to spend all of their time studying and no time with clients. That business model doesn’t work for either party.

Our solution incorporates the power of TEAM.  If you subscribe to the theory that 2 heads are better than one, then ten heads must be a lot better. This concept allows us to bring specialized knowledge to the table, while continuing to develop and maintain client relationships. One advisor manages the client relationship and is aware of all relevant details that can impact the client’s goals. Depending on the situation and the complexity of clients’ unique needs, one or more of the team members can be called in to assist.

In our world, this ability is called Assante Complete. Think of it as one stop shopping for all of your financial needs. Coordination leads to synergy and has a major influence on financial success. Our experience has shown that it’s much better to deal with financial issues in their totality and in context, rather than on a piecemeal basis.

Does this sound like the relationship with your current advisor? While things may be going well, there's always room for improvement. Take the first step today and contact Don for an initial consultation to explore what Assante Complete can mean for you.  Every relationship starts somewhere! 

Don is committed to his community, serving in leadership roles in the 2010 World Junior Track and Field Championships, the 2012 East Coast Music Week program and participating in the operation of the Men’s World Curling Championships and Memorial Cup.



Don Craig is licensed to advise clients on mutual funds, life and accident/sickness insurance in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Insurance products and services are provided through Assante Estate and Insurance Services Inc.