Our Practice

Introduction to our practice.

Derek's story

Growing up on a farm in a remote area of northern BC was probably the best education I could get for this business and for life in general. Of course, it was only after I left the farm that I realized the profound richness of that simple, peaceful experience. Let me share the farm wisdom that I live by which forms the guiding principles for my business, and allows me to help you reach for your dreams.

Farming taught me that it takes time for things to grow to maturity, that you shouldn’t rely on a single crop, that you need to plan ahead, that regular maintenance prevents a lot of stress, that we need both sunshine and rain, that an early frost or a drought are just temporary setbacks that are to be expected from time to time and that fancy cars are a lot of fun but aren’t much help with the harvest!

I’ve built my practice by attracting employees and clients that share our basic belief that you should love people and use money, not the other way around. We are always looking for ways of simplifying your life and allowing you to focus on what’s most important to you. Our clients come from all walks of life. What they have in common is a zest of life, a generous spirit, a value-based approach to life and a long-term outlook (three generations).

Our strength as a team comes from a heart of giving. We give you the freedom to dream big dreams, the wisdom to put a realistic plan in place and the encouragement to carry on through the rainy days in life. You will know how you are doing because we have systems set up to measure your progress every step of the way. We (you, my staff and I) are known for giving generously of our time and finances in order to make our communities a better place to live.

I also spent three years as owner/operator of a small trucking firm and three years teaching business courses in high school before I entered the financial planning business in 1986. Now I’m teaching people how to tend to their financial farms. I act as your coach.

Client- centered: We must get to know you, your background & your goals, your strengths & your weaknesses.

Ongoing: We are not in this for one game or one season, we are working on making this a long and successful career. We start with areas that will yield the greatest benefit. Peak performance requires continual training. The same is true in finances.

Attitude: A positive, never give up attitude is the key ingredient that lifts the true champions in any walk of life above the mediocrity of the masses. The right attitude will come in very handy when experiencing rainy days in finances or in life.

Commitment: The relationship we establish is based on trust. We are totally committed to your success. However, the coach cannot step onto the playing field, so we require your total commitment to execute the required plays.

Help: We have a variety of financial and non-financial resources at your disposal to help you in this game called life. We want to help you in any way we can. We, in turn, need your help. A single seed that is well cared for produces many seeds. Our hope is that you feel so well cared for by our services that you’ll introduce us to others just like yourself.