Becoming a Client

Choosing an advisor is an important life decision. With the right advisor, the relationship will last until you retire and beyond. Over that time, your advisor will endeavor to assist you in making the right investment decisions that will lead to the achievement of your lifetime goals.

That’s why you shouldn’t rush into a decision. You should be very clear about the advisor’s investment philosophy, the team’s commitment to client service, and the resources and expertise of the company behind the advisor.

We make sure you have all of this information during our first, no obligation meeting that we call a “Discovery Meeting”. This meeting is an opportunity to learn more about each other. We spend a lot of time listening, and we will provide you with a detailed advisor profile, an explanation of our services, and a company overview that explains the advantages we offer our clients. Once you have the necessary information, we encourage you to take the time necessary to choose the right advisory team for you.

We offer a unique combination of personalized service; expertise and choice is hard to beat. Our relationship with clients always starts the same way - getting to know you, clarifying your objectives and developing an investment plan tailored to your specific needs. We then implement selected strategies customized to your timelines and risk tolerances.

Our bottom line is that we are in the business of taking care of people. We work for clients who want professionals to help them with their financial and life management. In return, our clients are free to pursue what is most important in their life - whether that means enjoying retirement, running a business, developing a career, or spending more time with family.



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