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October 20, 2015 • Technology

E-mail is a crucial means of communication between clients and advisors. We are always looking for a convenient and secure solution for sharing our confidential communications and documents. Assante InvestorOnline My Portal is that solution. It has been designed to provide us with a secure and private communication gateway through Assante InvestorOnline, allowing everyone to work more efficiently and with greater peace of mind.

Features and Benefits

Easy Access

As an Assante InvestorOnline user, you already have access to My Portal, and a new menu tab has been added to your screen. Not already registered for Assante InvestorOnline? Visit

Secure Communication

My Portal uses a direct messaging method to send and store your important communications and documents within the secure framework of Assante InvestorOnline. You can easily communicate knowing that your information will be kept private and safe.

Securely Share Files

I understand that sharing documents in person is not always possible. The new My Vault solves that problem with secure file sharing and a document vault.

How to Access My Portal

1. Visit > Client Login > Login Now
2. Log into Assante InvestorOnline
3. Click on My Portal tab

How to communicate with me

1. Click on My Portal tab
2. Write your message under Post section
3. Once completed, click on the Share button
A generic e-mail notification is sent to me inviting me to log into My Portal to view the contents of your message.

How to share documents with me

1. Click on My Portal tab
2. Click on My Vault tab
3. You have a choice to upload or download a file by clicking on the appropriate icon

To Upload - Click Upload Icon

1. Select the file from your computer/device
2. Select file name, category, and add any comment for your advisor
3. Upload the file
Note: You can click on the Back button or My Vault tab to exit this page.

To Download - Click Download Icon

1. A browser download message will appear
2. Click Open or Save
Result: If you select Open, the document will open. If you select Save, the document will be saved to your computer/device.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to give me a call or send me an email.

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