Who Are My Clients?

In order to maintain a high level of client services I cannot work with everyone and the profile below will determine the kind of people who can benefit from working with me and my team.  I make a long-term commitment to help my clients achieve their financial milestones.  This professional relationship will have to endure some "rough waters", especially during market conditions, which are inevitable.

Client Profile

  • They are seeking a long-term professional relationship with an experienced, trusted, professional advisor.
  • They see the process of creating an investment strategy as important and is committed to its implementation.
  • They have a long-term perspective, and are patient.
  • They are not seeking "out performance" regarding investment returns, realizing that accomplishment of their personal financial goals is the appropriate measurement.
  • They have eliminated or manage personal debts levels responsibly.
  • They understand that we must be fairly compensated for our professional work.
  • They want to do business with financial professionals they trust and understand the value of telling others.