Our Commitment to Your Peace of Mind

By being successful in business, diligent saving, inheritance, or a combination of all three, you have amassed a significant net worth. While aggressive strategies may have brought you here, a more conservative approach going forward may be more appropriate so that everything you have gained is not lost.

Through our team’s expertise, experience and personal service we offer clients peace of mind and simplicity in their financial lives so they can enjoy and pursue their life’s ambitions. 

We coordinate offensive and defensive strategies designed to provide clients with a comfortable, worry-free, dignified income they will never outlive. 



Our boutique professional wealth advisory offers highly personal and timely service, care and attention to a smaller clientele.

We are backed by Assante Wealth Management, one of the largest Canadian professional services firms, supporting over 750 advisors who oversee $31 billion in assets nationwide with in house legal, accounting and estate planning specialists to help our clients with their Wealth and Estate plans. 






Our relationship with the clients starts with the development of a written, formal, personal, comprehensive financial, investment, and estate plan which is formally reviewed and updated annually.


Coordinate Professionals


We strive to serve as our clients' chief financial planner.  As part of this role, we coordinate the activities of existing professional advisors such as tax accountants and estate lawyers.  If required, we also tap into our own network of professional advisors.

Services and products may be provided by an Assante Financial Management Ltd. advisor or through affiliated or non-affiliated third parties.


Investment Philosophy


Our investment philosophy is essentially conservative in nature.  Our focus is on the portion of the client's investment portfolios which is structured to achieve long-term growth without undue risk, and undue fees.  As a result, both our clients and ourselves sleep soundly at night.

We are unbiased and objective in our selection of investment managers and recommend those most suitable for each client's particular objectives.

We provide investment fund advice through our dealer, Assante Financial Management Ltd.


Tax Planning


Tax planning and minimization is a key component of the financial plan for most clients.  As art of the overall plan, strategies such as converting, deferring, and eliminating taxes are evaluated.

The most tax-effective investment and fee structure is recommended.


Investment Reporting


Every three months, clients receive a summary of investment performance.  Statements can also be viewed online.  The information is presented as clearly as possible.  In addition, the format of the report is reviewed with all new clients at the outset of each relationship, to minimize confusion or misunderstanding about how to read the results.


Regular Reviews


Each client's account is monitored on an ongoing basis to take advantage of opportunities created by changing circumstances.  Both the personal financial plan and investment portfolio are formally updated and reviewed annually.  The portfolio asset allocation is reviewed on a monthly basis.


Team Service


We make ourselves as accessible to our clients as possible.  All telephone calls are returned the same business day.