Areas of Expertise

Through our team’s expertise, experience and personal service we offer clients peace of mind and simplicity in their financial lives so they can enjoy and pursue their life’s ambitions. 

We coordinate offensive and defensive strategies that provide clients with a comfortable, worry-free, dignified income they will never outlive.

Assante Wealth Management is a wealth management firm owned by CI Financial Corp., which is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

The CI group of companies manages over $150 billion of investment assets for individuals, corporations, pension plans and charitable foundations as of December 31, 2016. We are very fortunate to share in the strength of this group, where we have access to a number of world-class money managers, as well as other key professional resources that assist us in delivering an integrated wealth management solution to our clients.

One of our beliefs is that the financial industry has become too impersonal and fragmented. We strive to ensure our organization differentiates itself by providing a broader, more integrated suite of services delivered from a single source, customized for our clients and their own unique circumstances.

We provide an integrated wealth planning solution that has the following attributes and benefits:

  • Conservative and disciplined approach.
  • Integration of tax planning, estate planning and risk management.
  • Coordination among your existing professional advisors.
  • A focus on maximizing the after-tax return, including the use of a corporate class structure which provides for tax efficient investing.
  • Integration of personal and business tax planning opportunities.
  • Fee based approach to ensure objectivity.
  • Comprehensive reporting.
  • Action-oriented approach, with activities and responsibilities clearly outlined in an implementation plan.
  • Personalized service from our team that understands your unique needs and circumstances.

Our boutique professional wealth advisory offers highly personal and timely service, care and attention to a smaller clientele. 


By creating a strategic personalized plan of action, our goal is to provide integrated financial planning for each one of our clients. The diagram visually represents the relationship between our clients' needs and our ongoing service commitment.


We use the six-step financial planning process endorsed by the Canadian Association of Financial Planners. We will:


Clarify your present financial situation

Identify your goals and objectives

Identify financial problems and opportunities

Provide written recommendations

Coordinate the implementation of your plan

Provide scheduled reviews and updates