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Planning Health Care Decisions
Retirement, Self Education, and Reinventing Yourself
Health Care Expense Options
Individual Pension Plan (IPP)
When an Insured Annuity is your best Choice
Insurance and the Financial Plan
The Retirement Decision

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May-Jun 2016

Tax Savings for Students, Incorporated Employees
Mar-Apr 2016

November 2015 

October 2015

A Charitable Gift: Differing Tax Outcomes Can Affect the Plan 
August 2015

Tax Changes and Corporate-Owned Life Insurance  
June 2015

Tax Proposals For Testamentary Trusts, Part-Time Farmers, Language Used in a Will 
July-Aug 2013

Disbursement Quote Changes for Charities, Changing Trends Affect Retirement Plans, The Essentials of Having a Will, Government Pension Plans: Benefits & Contributions for 2013
Jan-Feb 2013

Life Insurance Disposition, Adjusted Cost Base, Living Value, and Nanny Advantages
Nov-Dec 12

Part-time Farmers, Support Obligations and Tax Savings for the Disabled
Sept-Oct 12

Jointly Owned Property, AMT, Retirement Planning and Caring for the Aged
May-Jun 12

Residence of a Trust, Insured Annuities, Credit Scores
Mar-Apr 12

Personal Services Business Changes, Maximizing Old Age Security and Charitble Giving
Jan-Feb 12

Kiddie Tax Expands Its Reach, Business Investment Losses, Before The Tax Man Comes Calling, The Health Of Canadians
Nov-Dec 11

RESPs, Tax Avoidance and Corporate Owned Life Insurance
Sep-Oct 11

Tax-Zone Planning, Principal Residence, and Testamentary Trusts
Jul-Aug 11

Tax Deferral, Automobiles-Tips And Traps, Alter Ego Trust
May-Jun 11

Capital Dividend Account, Testamentary Dispositions, Charitable Gift Planning, Ten Ways To Reduce Your Tax Bill
Mar-Apr 11

Death of a RRIF Annuitant, Estate Planning for the Business Owner, Government Pension Plans: Benefits And Contributions For 2011
Jan-Feb 11

Minimizing Your Company Taxes, Charitable Gifts in an Individual's Will, and Employer-Provided Scholarship Programs
Nov-Dec 10

Insurance Trust, Share Valuation and Shareholder Loans
Sep-Oct 10

Corporate Attribution, Longevity and In What Country Do I Reside?
Jul-Aug 10

Disposition Of A Life Insurance Policy, Charitable Gifting Of Life Insurance Policites, Income Splitting
May-Jun 10

Creditor Life Insurance, Rollover of an RRSP or RRIF to an RDSP, Wills, CPP & OAS Benefit Amounts
Mar-Apr 10

Corporate-Owned Life Insurance, Trusts: Beware Of Audit Potential, Transferring a Life Insurance Policy, Tax-Deductible Expenses
Jan-Feb 10

Life Insurance Policy Transfers, Freeze Share Valuationm, and The Strategy of An Estate Plan
Nov-Dec 09

Taxation Of Dividends, Planning Considerations For Students, Refund Of Premiums, A Look At Canadian Spending And Income Pattrerns
Sep-Oct 09

Creating Long-Term Security, Proposed Lifetime Benefit Trust, and Addressing Permanent Life Insurance Needs
Jun-Jul 09

Planning In A Down Market, Proposed Lifetime Benefit Trust, and Addressing Permanent Life Insurance Needs
Jun-Jul 09

Government Pension Plans: Benefits And Contributions For 2009
Mar-Apr 09

New RRIF Rules & TFSA
Jan-Feb 09

Charitable Donation That Offers Double Dip, RRSP Maturity Options
Nov-Dec 08

Double Taxation and Income Splitting
Sep-Oct 08

Joint & Several Liability, Capital Gains Deduction for Small Corporations
Jul-Aug 08

Asset Protection, Principle Residence Traps & the Home Office
May-Jun 08

Government Benefits for 2008, Pension Income Splitting & the Tax Free Savings Account
Mar-Apr 08

Spousal RRSP's & Interest Deductability
Jan-Feb 08

Shareholders Agreements
Nov-Dec 07

New RRIF Rules, Beneficiary Designation & Principle Residence Designation
Sep-Oct 07

Joint Accounts & Pension Splitting
Jul-Aug 07

Interest Deductability, 2007 Budget & the Alter Ego Trust
May-Jun 07

More than one spouse, Transfer corporate owned insurance and Corporate attribution
Mar-Apr 07

Insurance Trust, Tax Credits
Jan-Feb 07

Definition of a Common Law Partner, Pension Income Credit & Pension Income
Nov-Dec 06

New Dividend Regime, Gifting Shares, Planning for Education
Sep-Oct 06

Common-Law Partners
Jul-Aug 06

Corporate vs. Personally Owned Insurance
May-Jun 06

Collatral Insurance and the Insured Annuity Strategy
Mar-Apr 06

Transferring a Policy & Executor Checklist
Jan-Feb 06

Family Cottage, Investing Via Holding Company, Small Business Deduction
Nov-Dec 05

When There is More Than One Option
Sep-Oct 05

Capital Gains Reserve
Jul-Aug 05

Will Wording and the Insured Redemption Strategy
May-Jun 05

Revisionary Trusts and Government Benefits
Mar-Apr 05

Corporate Attribution, Critical Illness & Buy-Sell Agreement
Jan-Feb 05

Creditor Protection for RRSPs and Capital Dividends
Sep-Oct 04

Rights or Things and Collateral Insurance
Jul-Aug 04

Principle Residence Exemption Choices and Will Planning
May-Jun 04

The "Art Flip" is Dead
Mar-Apr 04

Interest & Other Expenses and Reasonable Expectation of Profit
Jan-Feb 04

Insured Gift Planning & Collateral Insurance
Nov-Dec 03

The Hazards of Joint Tenancy
Sept-Oct 03

Valuing A Corporate-Owned Annuity
May-Jun 03

Filing Your Income Tax Return
Mar-Apr 03

Taxation of Segregated Fund Policy Guarantees
Jan-Feb 03

Approaching Year-End
Nov-Dec 02

Going Public
Sep-Oct 02

Loans to Employees
Jul-Aug 02

Income Splitting Opportunity
May-Jun 02

Foreign Property Held Within Deferred Income Plans
Mar-Apr 02

Assigning CPP Retirement Benefits
Jan-Feb 02

Deducting PHSP Premiums
Nov-Dec 01

Joint & Several Liability
Sep-Oct 01

Can You Wear Two Hats?
Jul-Aug 01

Insured Redemption Strategy-Revisited
May-Jun 01

Split Dollar Life Insurance: It's a Question of Fact
Mar-Apr 01

Insurable Earnings for Family Members
Jan-Feb 01