How We Get Paid

Wealth Planning, Analysis and Advice

We take on clients with considerable investable assets and moderate to complex wealth planning challenges and opportunities.


When implementing product recommendations, we are normally paid by the financial institution based on assets under management for the client family. These fees are banded and come down as assets grow, and are tax-deductible on corporate and non-registered accounts.

Ongoing Services

We provide you with full disclosure of service or referral fees earned and communicate the value of what you receive for these fees regularly.

Each year our clients receive a statement of costs paid from Assante, as well as a personalized face to face review of these numbers in dollars and percentage terms. This is how we ensure clients understand the investment they are making in their wealth, and can measure us on our performance.

Understanding the MER: Management Expense Ratio

For a primer on how affordable wealth management works in Canada, click the title of the above to watch a 4-minute video produced by CI Investments Inc. that visually explains what it means to invest in the growth and protection of your wealth. We strongly encourage clients to clearly connect with the value as well as the cost of advisory and investment management services they receive.