"Gillian and her team are exceptional... Every meeting is well organized, efficient and friendly. I always feel like I am well informed and that they have my best interests in mind... It's a great team."

How we do what we do...

The Family Wealth Dashboard

Our clients enjoy right fit wealth planning, updated annually to help navigate the ebb and flow of how real life happens. A centrepiece to our client experience, The Family Wealth Dashboard is an elegant one-page map of each family's current situation and past wealth achievements.

Investment Policy Driven

We work with competitively priced, tax efficient, best-in-class managed investment solutions to provide a consistent portfolio experience for your investments. Your plan depends on an engine that runs sustainably and with no surprises. We report on your investments, fees and returns clearly, visually and transparently.

Simple, Clear, Focused Action

Getting wealth healthy can seem overwhelming. It is critical to work with a team that understands how to simplify that journey, and tackle goals in order of urgency and importance. We leverage simple planning and education tools in order to clarify the options, so we can take focused action with confidence. Our clients enjoy a measured approach to bringing their family's components of wealth into balance at every life stage.