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Monthly Minute:

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November 2017 Monthly Minute

  • Understanding Cryptocurrency
  • New Mortgage Rules
  • Year End To Dos


October 2017 Monthly Minute

  • A Changing World
  • Currency Fluctations
  • Downsizing or Not?


September 2017 Monthly Minute

  • Private Corporation Proposal
  • 3 Phases of Retirement
  • Lagging Canadian Market


Summer 2017 Monthly Minute

  • Protect Your Assets and Leave a Legacy
  • Interest Rates
  • Why do stock markets fluctuate
  • Why Purchase Travel Insurance


June 2017 Monthly Minute

  • Business Owners
  • Primary Residence
  • Household Debts


May 2017 Monthly Minute

  • Important Business Savings Tip
  • The Estate Freeze:  Who Should Use It and Why
  • 2017 Ontario Budget
  • Market Data Update


April 2017 Monthly Minute

  • Your Biggest Tax Bill
  • 2017 Federal Budget
  • Oil's Comeback?


March 2017 Monthly Minute

  • What To Expect From Your Advisor
  • Market Update- Don't Count America Out Just Yet
  • Tax Resources


February 2017 Monthly Minute

  • A Portfolio is no place for emotions
  • Estate Planning Call- What happens to All your investment accounts upon your death? 
  • Foreign Property Reporting
  • Tax Planning Organizers
  • Personal Income Tax Basics


January 2017 Monthly Minute

  • Ways To Make The Most Out Of 2017
  • New Principal Residence Ruling
  • Markets
  • Value of Advice


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