After serving clients in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador for the better part of 31 years, I am pleased and excited to introduce my new TIP OF THE ICEBERG Complete Wealth Program™.

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I developed and refined this exclusive program to fully meet the needs of my present and future clients. While my team and I cannot be all things to all people, our goal is to be all things to those who participate in the program.

I am proud to be from Newfoundland and Labrador - my office is home to a collection of art and books from my home province. As I developed the new program, I envisioned the island of Newfoundland, the dramatic coastlines, and Iceberg Alley, home to many breathtaking icebergs. This led me to coin "Tip Of The Iceberg" to identify my program. 


Kevin Hayward on his TOTI complete wealth program


The TIP OF THE ICEBERG Complete Wealth Program™ is accompanied with a personalized and easy-to-follow TIP OF THE ICEBERG Wealth Book™ that is designed to organize each client's financial information. 

Iceberg, Newfoundland


An iceberg is made up of a small, visible tip and a huge underwater foundation. The book is designed with this concept in mind - it allows my clients to view their financial and estate plans in complete detail or in a summary format. 

As icebergs journey south, their shape and size continuously transform, as do the lives of my clients. Their plan will change as their lives evolve and I, along with my team, are dedicated to helping them navigate through all phases of their lives.

Icebergs are magnificent formations and no two are alike. Likewise, each of my clients are unique, and I tailor my advice to their individual needs without being bound by conventional wisdom.


Work with Kevin Hayward, Financial Advisor

We have been trusting Kevin with our finances for many, many years now and when the subject of “Tip of the Iceberg Complete Wealth Program” was discussed with us, it made perfect sense. The word “complete” is a very important word in the program's name. It is a complete financial map of where you are now, where you are going, and how to get there. It also includes your planning during illness and after death, making sure everything is up to date. The process was done step by step, in a very easy to understand way. The part of the program we like the best is the Wealth Map. It is a 2-page summary of your key investment assets, life insurances, family dynamic, professional advisors, and more. This is a very easy to understand document. When we were done with the process and given our completed binder, it was a feeling of relief and satisfaction of a job well done by everyone. The 3 benefits of the program for us were: making us look at our finances and future as a whole, a Wealth Book that includes all important information for our family, and having everything financial in one binder with a very clear view of what our financial future is and how to manage it. We would recommend this program to anyone considering a “complete” financial overview. This is much more then being advised of your current finances. Kevin, Karen, and Michelle are always there to help in anyway they can which is another very important part of this product. Thank you for all you do for us.

— Frank & Donna Corkum

Over the past several months Craig and I have been fortunate to complete the “Tip of the Iceberg Complete Wealth Program” with Kevin Hayward facilitating the process. The best part of this program is the Wealth Map which provides a bird’s eye view of where we are financially. It is a two page overview of key investment assets and relationships that makes sense to us. Neither of us enjoy reading through pages of financial statements that are oft times confusing so the Wealth Map is a simplistic overview of our financial situation. This process has provided us with peace of mind regarding our financial security which is very important to us. We also now have an organized portfolio to keep important records including estate planning information plus those investment statements. Would we recommend this program to others? Absolutely!! It will make you think about things you may not have focused on previously but which are very important especially as one transitions into retirement and when looking at the legacy you may leave to family, community, etc. Last but not least, it was Kevin and his assistant, Karen, who made this process doable for us. They suggested, advised and worked with us throughout the process in a welcoming and non-judgmental way.

— Wendy & Craig Rafuse

We can’t believe it was this easy! We have completed our personal financial plan with Kevin’s Tip Of The Iceberg program. Although there are a lot of things to consider, working with Kevin and his team made this an easy and enjoyable process. Our plan reflects our needs and lifestyle, and will respond to changes as we age. For the first time, we can actually say that we have peace of mind about our financial future! And we now have a binder that is well organized and uses clear language that we can understand. When we need to review or access our information, we can now easily find and comprehend it!

— Greg & Linda Wentzel