Our Fees

We provide a disciplined and process-driven approach to advising our clients. We focus on helping you clarify your goals and objectives, and recommend the best strategies for you and your family. We do this by using various tools such as the Family Wealth Profile © and the Wealth Dashboard©. We review Cash Flow Planning, Risk Management, Investment Strategy, Tax Management, and Estate Planning. We are committed to keeping you on track and ensuring that you make informed and unbiased decisions.

The impact of fees can be dramatic over time therefore, minimizing them is essential. It’s important to usto have transparent fees, giving you clarity on what you are paying for. Our fee-based platform is transparent - all fees are listed in detail right on your statements. They may be tax deductible in the case of non-tax sheltered (Open) investment accounts. We offer volume discounts for larger accounts.

We seek out low-cost investment solutions and pass on the savings to you. In a business built on trust, we always put our clients' interests first. We are not tied to any particular set of strategies or financial vehicles, so our advice is not clouded and is always in your best interest. We work with your existing professional advisors and our trusted network of specialists to deliver superior financial advice and services.

Do you want premium, unbiased advice from a dedicated team of professionals who put you first? As a consumer, do you want transparent fees?

If so, let’s get started.