We would just like to say how much we have appreciated our relationship with you as our personal financial advisor over the past 10 years. We moved from Ontario several years ago, and even with the distance between you and us we have always received prompt and knowledgeable service and advice. Thanks for your ongoing support!

— Charlie & Susan P.
Business owners

This comes by way of a thank you for your excellent service over the last few years. You came highly recommended, we had high expectations and you did not disappoint. You have followed up on all my questions and phone calls promptly, and have arranged consultations on a regular basis. If my questions were out of your range of expertise or you just needed to be expounded on, you procured the services of a specialist in that particular field. You are very comfortable and easy to talk to, Tony, explaining carefully and patiently. You have never promoted your own agendas; always the client’s best interests are foremost in your thoughts. All this attention for a very, very small investor! Thank you again.

— Lois & Bill T.
Business owners

We had a dream to retire at an early age. When that time came, the decision was huge, and the questions many. Tony and the team at Assante helped us understand all the things we needed to know. From investment and tax strategies to life insurance and estate planning, Tony has helped us make our dream a reality, and we are now enjoying everything we worked for. Assante (Tony) is our most valuable asset!

— Joe C. & Jan P.
Retired business owners