What Makes Our Team Different?

a) Practice Differentiation

  • Together with you, we determine the scope, direction, and areas of focus of our relationship.
  • We are free to provide any solution that will assist your progress.
  • Our Family Office Approach gives you ready access to a team of experts as necessary.
  • We are highly compliant with all levels of regulation - our integrity is impeccable.
  • We have a very competitive fee structure.

b) Solution Differentiation

  • Nobel Prize-winning, state of the art asset allocation strategies (services are provided through a third party).
  • We provide an Investment Policy Statement (IPS).
  • Tax-efficient optimization modeling.
  • Fees may be tax deductible - consult your tax advisor.
  • Portfolio/account rate of return and net invested capital tracking.
  • Your personalized Family Wealth Profile ©.
  • Your personalized Wealth Dashboard ©.
  • Your personalized Service Dashboard ©.
  • Monitored asset allocation rebalancing.
  • Consolidated household portfolio statements - 24/7 web access to your statements

c) Individual Differentiation

  • Our team approach facilitates a more comprehensive & coordinated level of service.
  • Professional credentials.
  • Highly-skilled and educated.
  • High ethical standards.
  • Core values: competence, empathy, integrity, honesty, trustworthiness, and discretion.
  • Service driven.
  • Live voice when you call.
  • We return messages as soon as possible, often within the hour.
  • We put your interests first and foremost.