Investment Planning Advice

When it comes to investing, it is a disciplined approach that pays the greatest dividends.

We can help you prepare a prudent investment strategy tailored to your objectives and risk tolerance. Then, we’ll implement it, consistently and carefully, choosing from a broad range of best-in-class products and services, which can include Assante’s exclusive investment programs, as well as thousands of individual mutual funds, wrap programs, customized portfolios, and an array of Fixed Income investments.

Investment Principles:

     1. Markets are efficient;
     2. It's not easy to beat the market;
     3. Market timing doesn't work;
     4. Costs matter
     5. Diversification is key;
     6. Be patient.

You will be invited to complete a "Risk Assessment" to ensure that your investments are matched to your comfort level. Your individual Risk Profile, supported by an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) provides clarity as to what you can expect from your investments.

Investment Plans are not complete without Tax Management. Low turnover strategies, and Tax Class Pools preserve your capital longer.

As an Assante client, you have exclusive access to the customized United Financial brand of solutions managed by CI Investments Inc. With active management from portfolio managers around the world, these leading solutions combine investment expertise with wealth planning strategies.

For high net worth clients with more complex wealth planning needs, you’ll benefit from the exclusive Private Client option through the United Financial division of CI Private Counsel LP.