Our Business

Our Mission

"To enhance the financial well being of all our clients"

Our Process

1. Understand our clients and their uniqueness with respect to their:

                   Present financial situation
                   Financial goals and dreams
                   Attitude toward investment risk

2. Develop strategies that are directed toward our clients' goals.

3 Recommend action to be taken to achieve goals.

4. Implement strategies for success.

5. Monitor results regularly and adjust plans as necessary.

"Our clients interest is always first and foremost"

Our Business

We operate a "Fee Based" practice. This means that there are no hidden fees or commissions. Fees are disclosed up front, and will vary, depending on the size of your account. Fees are charged quarterly, in arrears, and are deductible on taxable accounts.

Fees for Financial Plans vary depending on the complexity of your situation, and are discussed prior to any engagement. We believe in full transparency of all fees and costs related to your investments,and the services we provide.