Helping You Navigate Your Financial Future

Financial planning is more than just numbers. To make wise financial decisions requires a suitable framework or context and this is determined by the dreams, aspirations, and personality of the client.  We take great care to listen first before making any recommendations.

Our team works collaboratively with our clients to identify their key goals and objectives then provide practical and effective financial solutions. A critical part of this process is the ongoing client meetings to monitor their progress and make any necessary changes.  These timely adjustments frequently determine the sucess or failure of a person to realize their financial goals.  This where our client-focused, collaborative approach proves invaluable.

Managing your wealth can be complex and time consuming.  We can simplify your life by addressing all aspects of your financial well-being from investments and insurance to estate planning.  We are supported by a team of professionals including lawyers, accountants and financial analysts and can help you make the right decisions about your wealth and build the future you desire.

If you are looking to simplify and secure your financial future, please contact me for a confidential consultation.

Investment product recommendations and investment services are provided through Assante Capital Management Ltd. Insurance products and services and Financial Planning services are provided through Halsey Financial Group. 

Assante Capital Management Ltd. or affiliated entities shall not be held liable for activities conducted by an Advisor that are non-securities related activities. Assante will investigate any written client complaint received or arising from, a pre-approved outside business activity.