Welcome to the team at the Bedford office of Assante Financial Management Ltd.

Rick Langille is the owner of a highly successful wealth planning practice located at his new office building in Bedford, Nova Scotia.  Rick and his colleagues work together to create a formula for success by keeping things simple, giving clients peace of mind and certainty.

We are concerned with your long range goals and ensuring we do what we can today to achieve your dreams.

In order to give you peace of mind we know you need to feel that your investments are in safe hands with experts who understand what you want and who can bring comfort to your life.

We will ensure that your money is managed to provide optimum growth for your needs and risk tolerance and that your loved ones will be protected.

You know you have made the right choice in an investment advisor when you can trust your team to bring a consistent process that has stood the test of time and you can relax.

Please read through our biographies to get a taste of the vast experience you will have access to at Assante Financial Management Ltd.