United Financial Investment Solutions

  • Optima Strategy is targeted at investors who require a higher degree of customization and advice and who have accumulated at least $100,000 in household investable assets. It takes a more comprehensive and client-specific approach, customizing a portfolio across family accounts using our exclusive investment pools.

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  • Evolution Private Managed Accounts is an innovative program designed to meet the complex investment needs of sophisticated investors with $250,000 or more of household investable assets. Evolution offers customized portfolios based on actively managed strategic asset allocation, a broad selection of leading portfolio managers, a tax-efficient structure, and an exceptional degree of choice and flexibility through geographic emphasis, investment style, currency-neutral pools and equity alpha pools.

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  • Private Client Managed Portfolios is a wealth management program designed for clients with even more diverse and complex financial planning needs. Targeted at families with over $500,000 to invest, Private Client Managed Portfolios offer attentive client service through private client managers and comprehensive wealth plans prepared by a team of legal, accounting and financial professionals.

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