Testimonials from Clients of Tina Tehranchian

As a long-time client of Tina's I have found her to be always honest, professional and very knowledgeable in her profession. She has helped me secure and grow my retirement funds for which i am very thankful.

— S. Kopackov

Tina is an outstanding financial adviser, and a caring and kind individual. I recommend her most highly!

— P. Dale

Tina is great to work with and has done a fantastic job o handling my investments for over 2 years now. I would definitely recommend her and her team.

— L. Kennelly

Prior to meeting Tina our investments were made on an ad hoc basis that resulted in a collection of investments rather than a structured portfolio. Tina helped us make informed investment decisions that were designed to meet our financial goals both in the short term and looking ahead to our retirement years. We now have a portfolio that is diversified and tax efficient. We have been extremely pleased with the advice and approach Tina has provided.

— L. Vanin

Tina has been a long time trusted advisor, leading a dedicated team who have always served me well. I appreciate their ongoing efforts on my behalf and would not hesitate to recommend Tina for her high level of valued expertise.

— S. Kassam

The amazing Tina: I have been a client of Tina for about 15 year and trust her advice implicitly. She is extremely patient and takes the time to explain her recommendations to me yet encourages me to ask questions and make my own decisions. She checks in regularly and makes it her priority to understand my life changes which might affect my tax or financial positions. Because I am hours away, her staff will send me easy-to-read reports in advance of her call so I can get familiar with the status of my investments on my own time before Tina guides me through everything at my own pace. When I met with her personally she is extremely warm and cordial. I felt like a special guest in her office. She is kind, open, and honest. I recommend her to friends at any opportunity. Thank you Tina for your hard, hard work.

— M. Sullivan

Tina is an exceptional financial advisor. Her service is excellent and very professional. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for financial advice and services.

— H. Mehta

Tina is very professional in her work. She has worked very hard to get to where she is today. She is involved with many interests outside her working environment and this has made her a well respected person not only her co-workers but the community as a whole. Tina always appears to be enjoying herself. We should all be as lucky as her having this well balanced life.

— D. Butler

Very professional, timely and efficient.

— W. Melville

I am very pleased with Tina and her team. Tina always explains my investments to me in a way that is easy to understand and is always available if I need advice.

— K. Mackie

I have been Tina's client since 1991. I feel confident in her expertise and her personal commitment to my financial future. I believe her to be a person of the highest professional and personal ethics. Everyone that I have dealt with in her team have been conscientious, sincere and professional. (Particular thanks to Sean and Megan).

— G. Aeichele

I have known Tina for several years. She is well informed and does answer all questions effectively. Her team is also very responsive to requests. I would recommend her services to other people.

— I. De Sequeira

Tina invests her time to get to know my goals and understand my preferences, such that her advice is always very personalized to what I need.

— K. Mohseni

I have a great sense of comfort and trust working with Tina. I know that she will always make the best suggestions and truly cares.

— J. Magner

I have been working with Tina for the last 25 years. She has been most professional, responsive and very sensitive to our needs through the years. My husband and I appreciate her expertise and the personal attention and support that she has provided us through the time we have known her.

— P. Weinstock

Tina has been helping us invest or the past 20 years. We trust her and look forward to working with her for many more years.

— M. Federau & J. Kosichek

We are satisfied with the information we receive via email. We are also very happy with the excellent service and information we get at our regular meetings with Tina. We find Tina and her staff to be very friendly and professional in all our interactions.

— T. Peron

Tina and her team have kept me up to date on activity in all my accounts and have always taken the time to explain exactly what is happening with my investments. For someone like myself, who is not very savvy about financial markets, Tina's efforts to clarify and educate is a huge benefit!

— L. Karpinec

We have been meeting with Tina for a number of years now. She is clear and concise in her reviews and is realistic about performance. We appreciate that she understands our needs and does not pressure us into financial decisions that are beyond our means or uncomfortable for us in anyway.

— C. Moore-Pangrazzi

Tina keeps us well informed all the time. She gives or sends all important details by email or mail.

— F. Kassam

I have never had any problem communicating with Tina and her staff. They answer all my questions and if I leave a message I get a "call back" promptly. I have full confidence in Tina's ability to make the right investment decisions to keep my account in robust shape.

— J. Pick-Eisler

Long term client, over 20 years with Tina, never had a problem.

— Dr. J. Daniel-Ivad

Tina has been extremely helpful advising us when the mix of our accounts needed to change as well as the benefits of moving to a private managed account when we met the qualification criteria.

— M. Loos

Great Service!

— H. Wagner

Tina and her team of professionals have always been helpful and informative to our family's needs. Tina is trustworthy and reliable and we depend on her professional advice. She returns all phone calls promptly. We enjoy working with Tina and she is a valuable asset to the Assante Wealth Management team.

— S. Mongru

We are very happy with the service and client experience that Tina and her team have provided over the years.

— S. Shepherd

Tina is great. Experience with other Financial Planners fell far short of those with Tina. I've been instrumental in getting other family members to move their accounts to Tina and her team.

— M. Hann

Tina and her team are very efficient and they are always willing to answer my questions I may have.

— L. Marello

Tina's expertise has been invaluable as an expert guest columnist for The Canadian Business Journal providing our readers with excellent information about wealth management and planning.

— A. Gillespie, Editor-in-Chief, Canadian Business Journal

I have been dealing with Tina for my estate planning, insurance and investment needs for many years now, and have the kind of confidence in her that I recommend her services to my clients and all of my clients have given me very positive feedback about Tina's services.

— David Corazza

My wife and I have received excellent advice and guidance from Tina for our personal financial planning. Tina is very thorough in her analysis and recommendations. We quickly gained a high level of comfort and confidence in Tina, as she was able to identify and understand our unique financial situation. Her advice has been forthright, unbiased and helpful. I would recommend Tina Tehranchian to anyone looking for a personal financial planner.

— Aram & Angela Hamparian

Tina Tehranchian has been my financial advisor since 1993. I have utmost trust and confidence in her knowledge and ability as a financial advisor. She is very professional in her approach and I have never hesitated to recommend her services to my clients, colleagues, friends or family members.

— Joseph P. Colasanto
CA, Collins Barrow (Vaughan)

It's been such an amazing experience working with you and I'm very grateful for all of your help and guidance. I have the utmost confidence and trust in your expertise. The plan you developed for me is perfect for achieving my future goals. Thank you, Tina!

— Aileen Brabazon
Toronto, Ontario

Tina has incredible patience and re-explains things I don't understand. That's invaluable to me because I'm not a financial person. She is very easy to talk to, and can translate difficult concepts into layman's terms.

— Margaret Hughes