"To Manage and Coach Individuals to Financial Stability and Excellence!"

In thinking about your future, does it seem more likely that you will outlive your money or that your money will outlive you?

I work with my clients one-on-one.  Trusted relationships yield the most efficient results so my focus is on these things first – to get to know you and your particular situation and to partner in such a way that you will allow us to suffer the details of your financial world.

Our fully engaged clients tell us that multi-generational wealth and transferring it to the next generation in a tax-efficient manner is important.  As is maintaining purchasing power of their current and future investments.  Depending on the complexity of your circumstances, we have several avenues available to you.

We use an interactive, computer–based process to facilitate the planning process.  By helping you create a life plan, all the output is based on your personal values, your financial attitudes and your wants.  It's about discussing those things that you talk about most of the time - Home, Family, Lifestyle & Career and then creating solutions to close any "gaps" that exist between the way things are today and how you want them to be in the future.

Supported by a team of professionals including lawyers, tax accountants and financial analysts, I can help you make the right decisions about your wealth, and help you navigate the future you desire.

To schedule a confidential meeting with Wayne, please call Dianne at 1 800 246-7095 ext 221.