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Wealth Matters Market Updates

Stock markets continue to react to ongoing uncertainty and governments are making new announcements each day. To keep you and your clients informed, we will be hosting calls with CI Investments' top portfolio managers over the next few weeks.

Please mark your calendar with our upcoming Wealth Matters market updates:

  • Thursday, May 27, 2021

These sessions will be hosted in a live call format so we can provide the latest updates.

Details for Thursday, May 27

Our upcoming Wealth Matters webcast will be hosted by Damon Sutherland, Senior Vice-President at CI Assante Private Client and will feature Alexandra Gorewicz, Vice-President and Head of Rates at CI Global Asset Management. Alexandra will provide an update on global and fixed-income markets, as well as strategies to navigate a low-rate environment.


Previous Webcasts

March 4, 2021

We heard from Drummond Brodeur, Senior Vice-President and Global Strategist and Jeff Elliot, Vice-President and Portfolio Manager of CI Global Asset Management who discussed:

The key to cutting through the noise of COVID-19 to find growth opportunities
What impact vaccinations could have on fiscal policy
Their global macro-economic outlook from low interest rates, to China and artificial intelligence.

Playback is now available.

January 13, 2021

We heard from Marchello Holditch, Vice-President and Portfolio Manager at CI GAM | Multi-Asset Management, who discussed how markets and asset classes performed through 2020, the firm’s outlook for the coming year and enhancements being made to Evolution Private Managed Portfolios — Playback is now available

November 25, 2020

We heard from Roberto Katigbak, Institutional Strategist, Head of Sales and Marketing at Marret Asset Management. Roberto spoke about the First Asset Enhanced Short Duration Bond Fund, an investment option in this ultra-low GIC and fixed-income rate environment — Playback is now available

October 13, 2020

We heard from Marchello Holditch who spoke on their investment team, their macro market and economic outlook, the benefits a well-balanced income-focused mandate, and alternative investment strategies — Playback is now available

September 10, 2020

We heard from Peter Hofstra, Chief Investment Officer and Senior Portfolio Manager of Harbour Advisors. Peter gave an overview of firm’s proprietary investment process, designed to optimize returns with a focus on resilient and high-performing business models, and provided his market outlook for the remainder of 2020 — Playback is now available

August 5, 2020

We heard from Marchello Holditch. Marchello provided a mid-year review of the investment themes that have played out through the first half of 2020 and reviewed changes his team has made to position their portfolios for future growth — Playback is now available

June 24, 2020

We heard from Malcolm White and Jeremy Yeung of Signature Global Asset Management. Portfolio managers to the Signature Global Technology mandate, Malcolm and Jeremy explored how the technology sector was one of the best performers through the COVID-19 pandemic and their positive long-term outlook for the asset class  — Playback is now available

June 3, 2020

We heard from Laurel Durkay, Senior Vice-President and Portfolio Manager at Cohen & Steers Inc. Laurel is a portfolio manager for the firm’s global and U.S. real estate securities portfolios and provided an overview of their outlook for the asset class — Playback is now available

May 6, 2020

We heard from Peter Hofstra at Harbour Advisors. Peter shared his insights on where we stand today following weeks of market volatility and reduced economic activity — Playback is now available

April 22, 2020

We heard from Sean Etherington, President of CI Assante Wealth Management and Drummond Brodeur, Senior Vice-President and Global Strategist of Signature Global Asset Management. Drummond provided an overview on what’s transpired and what lays ahead for the markets through the COVID-19 pandemic — Playback is now available

April 15, 2020

We heard from Marchello Holditch who provided an update on what's happening in global markets through the COVID-19 pandemic — Playback is now available

April 8, 2020

We heard from Sean Etherington, Bob Swanson, Principal & Portfolio Manager at Cambridge Global Asset Management and Cheryl Norton, Vice-President, Wealth Planning at Assante Private Client. Bob and Cheryl provided an update on global markets as well as wealth planning strategies business owners should be aware of during COVID-19 — Playback is now available

April 1, 2020

We heard from Sean Etherington and Peter Hofstra. Peter provided us with an update to his economic and market outlook — Playback is now available

March 25, 2020

We heard from Sean Etherington and Marchello Holditch. Marchello provided a deeper look at our Evolution and Private Client programs and how our portfolios are positioned to mitigate volatility and take advantage of future opportunities — Playback is now available

March 18, 2020

We heard from Matthew Strauss, Vice-President of Signature Global Asset Management, and Alexandra Gorewicz, Vice-President at Signature and Head of Rates as they provided their insights on what's happening in the global markets, as well as interest rates and global bonds — Playback is now available

March 12, 2020

We heard from Peter Hofstra and Marchello Holditch as they provided their outlook of the broader investment landscape and why active management and a balanced portfolio are critical to remaining opportunistic — Playback is now available

COVID-19 Economic Response Plan

On March 18, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a new set of economic measures aimed at stabilizing the economy during the COVID-19 pandemic. The measures provide up to $27 billion in direct support to Canadian workers and businesses and $55 billion in estimated tax deferrals.

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Estate planning during COVID-19

The current COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in many pausing to reflect on their estate and incapacity planning. The barrage of news headlines about the health crisis and forced time at home have understandably led individuals to more thoughtfully consider the plans they have in place or plans they would like to implement. Although these difficult times present unique challenges for the execution of estate documents, rest assured that it is possible to move forward with estate planning without delay.

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Help flatten the curve by going paperless

We all know the importance of social distancing. And we all have a part to play.

Email is a crucial means of communication between clients and advisors. We are always looking for a convenient and secure solution for sharing our confidential communications and documents. Assante InvestorOnline is that solution. It's been designed to provide you and your Assante advisor with a secure and private communication gateway, and around-the-clock access to important information about your account.

Features and benefits

Secure communication: You can communicate directly with your advisor knowing that your information will be kept private and safe.

Easy to use: Easily navigate through your account balances, transaction history and reporting details at your convenience.

Go paperless: Receive important documents and statements digitally, to help preserve the environment and protect both our postal workers and you.

Providing you with an online experience to oversee your accounts and more, any time, day or night is part of our committment to delivering complete financial advice.

To register, please visit our Assante InvestorOnline client portal.

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