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Tools and Calculators

Financial Planning

Cash Flow
Get a better idea of where your money goes by creating a personal cash flow statement.

Net Worth
Calculate what you own and what you owe - an important step in planning your financial future.

Your Investor Profile
Understanding yourself as an investor is important when creating an effective investment portfolio.

Education Planning

Start Education Planning Now
See how saving early can make a significant difference.

Tax Benefits of an RESP
Discover how tax sheltered growth in an RESP can build a post-secondary school education fund for your children.

Retirement Planning

Inflation & Retirement Income
Estimate how much more income you will need at retirement to maintain the standard of living that you have today.

Will the Money Last?
Estimate how long your retirement savings will last if you make regular, annual income withdrawals and factor in inflation.

RRIF Payment
Calculate your RRIF payment and see how long the funds will last.

Find out how your marginal tax rate, and whether you invest or spend your RRSP tax refund, affects the growth of your TFSA or RRSP.

Investing & Taxes

Savings Growth
Estimate the future value of your savings by changing the investment amounts, rates of return and years of growth.

Cost of Waiting to Invest
See how much more you will have in your retirement fund if you start investing now.

Real Rate of Return
This tool determines the real rate of return on a taxable investment after taking taxes and inflation into account, and illustrates what the investment will be worth, in after tax dollars.

RRSP Tax Savings
Estimate the tax savings on your RRSP contribution. You can enter three different amounts to compare the savings.

TFSA vs Taxable Investment
Discover the tax-free growth advantage of investing in a TFSA instead of a taxable investment.

Income Tax
Estimate the taxes you owe based on your taxable income and the province you live in.

Cash Management

Cash Management Strategies & Solutions

The Importance of Cash Management

There's an old adage that says "cash is king". This proverbial statement illustrates the importance of cash, and its superiority and importance over other forms of currency or items of value.

Cash Management Strategies & Solutions, Claudia Weisser, photoAlthough an individual can have $150 worth of stock investments and $150 dollars cash, the two are not completely equal despite their similar monetary value.

Capital or cash management is important because it is the most valuable investment tool.

Having more cash available allows companies and individuals greater financial flexibility and power. Although other forms of investment may have a correlated monetary value, they must be sold in order for value to be extracted.

Cash is inherently valuable and monetarily significant.

Having a sufficient amount of cash is necessary for both companies and individuals who want to function freely without the threat of their investments declining in value by forces outside of their control. The only way that cash can become less valuable is if it becomes destroyed or damaged and is not usable.

What are the objectives of cash management?

Once a company or individual understands the importance of cash, it is time to learn how to manage that cash. Cash management simply refers to the ways in which companies or individuals collect and manage cash in order to increase their overall wealth and securities.

Cash Management 

  • An integral part of the strategy of any successful business.
  • Allows you to hold capital, which allows businesses to invest, among other things.
  • Lets buy equipment and pay employees.

Cash management is an integral part of any successful company. Having capital is what allows businesses to make investments, buy more equipment, pay employees and more. Without having cash to use, companies will not survive.

In addition, having proper cash management strategies is another key component. Even profitable companies that are making a lot of money can end up failing due to poor money management.

It is important that individuals and companies seek advice on managing their cash in order to increase their financial standing. 

Cash flow optimization strategies

Cash management is more complicated than keeping money safe and protected. There are strategies that can help companies and individuals make the most out of their available cash.

Our cash management strategies can:

  • Help families, businesses and individuals handle their cash in a more effective way.
  • Help people set up a more financially stable present and future.
  • Help families and companies achieve their short-term and long-term financial goals.

Our goal is to help every client become self-sufficient money managers that know how to handle their cash for a successful and prosperous future. 

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Can cash management be learned independently? 

Some people may be skeptical about hiring a company for advice about cash management. 

After all, managing cash doesn't sound like a difficult skill.

Reason not to manage cash alone:

  • This is a skill that will come with a high cost to learn without any help.
  • Businesses and individuals will have to invest their own money in the form of costly mistakes in order to learn proper cash management.

On the other hand, our services can help teach clients how to handle their cash without having to learn from experience.

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