Scott Barnes

As a licensed insurance and mutual funds representative, Scott is committed to providing clients with relevant products and services to meet all of their wealth management needs.  He works closely with Derek to ensure regular communication with their clients.  This allows their team to identify problems or opportunities, and suggest timely recommendations in order to keep them on track to achieving their individual financial goals.

Scott has been working as a coach, educator, and leader for most of his life.  His philosophical and environmental sensibilities are balanced by his practical and sensible approach to helping people reach their goals.  Ranking high on Scott’s personal balance sheet are his ability to communicate clearly and his commitment to ethical and consistent behaviour.  Working as a teacher in three different provinces has granted Scott tremendous perspective.

As a Scout Leader, Scott believes in giving back to his community.  His experiences with Scouts Canada, service to the Canadian Reserves, and work in the Theater Community give Scott an appreciation for a diverse and well-lived life.  When he isn’t working hard for his clients or the community, Scott and his wife divide their time between dance, rowing, climbing, camping, and spending time with their two beautiful dogs and one occasionally well-behaved cat.

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