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Professional advice matters

Research shows that the longer you get financial advice, the more your assets grow.*

Advisors play a crucial role in keeping you focused on reaching your goals with confidence. With an advisor, you are better prepared to make informed financial decisions and you have a greater chance at saving more and retiring comfortably.

*Source: An econometric analysis of the value of advice in Canada, by Claude Montmarquette, CIRANO, 2012

  • 1.58x
    4 to 6 years
  • 1.99x
    7 to 14 years
  • 2.73x
    15 plus years

Assante Advantage

Like the Rubik’s Cube, your financial matters can’t be solved one piece at a time. It requires synchronizing all of the elements of your wealth – investments, tax, retirement savings, estate and insurance. Through a complete approach to managing your wealth, your Assante advisor can help you solve the puzzle to financial success.

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Assante Life

Hero image - Death and taxes: What you need to know now
Hero image - Death and taxes: What you need to know now
On February 15, our wealth planning focus was on taxation at death and what you can do to prepare for it. We also heard from Daniel Bubis, President and CIO of Tetrem Capital Management on their structured investment process.
Last year was full of surprises, the biggest being the election of Donald Trump as the next U.S. president.  While there are many unknowns regarding the “Trump effect,” it continues to push stock valuations higher. We are maintaining a “boring” position in our portfolios until there is more clarity...
The Assante Group of Seven Wealth Advisors
The Assante Group of Seven Wealth Advisors
Assante Wealth Management and 10 Assante advisory practices have partnered with the McMichael Canadian Art Collection to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the McMichael Canadian Art Collection and the 150th anniversary of the Confederation.